Google, fix the management of Play Store

Apps being rejected from Designed for Families even though I haven't enrolled in this program Play Store

Firstly they remove the app because they can't install it (everyone else, ~15k people can) which I suspect is because it's a Wear OS app, not for phones. Then they approve but not really and then pretend like this never happened.

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My app was suspended by Play Store - Need help

My app was suspended by Play Store. It's a BitTorrent client app CatTorrent.

Reason for suspension is:
Unauthorized distribution of Ed Sheeran music, including the album “Divide” and track “Shape Of You”.

Which is not true, no Ed Sheerans nor Shape Of Yous were harmed during development process of the app. Moreover, not a single song has been used or distributed within the app.

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Google terminated my developer account and started a competing business — a case for app neutrality

I’m the sole founder and sole developer of a game & app studio, Unmoved. I had a game on Google Play Store in a private beta before July 2018 when Google terminated my developer account.

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Help! Google terminated my developer account and ignores my appeals.

I didn't receive any emails, any warnings before. My developer account was blocked on March 20, 2019. I thought it was some kind of mistake because the newest app is more than 8 months old and in all that time there were no problems. I immediately wrote an appeal. In response, I received only a template message from the bot.

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